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Email: kevin@specialist-wire-rigs.co.uk
Main Office - Pinewood Studios: +44 (0)1753 656635
Mobile: +44 (0)7767 775760
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IMDB Profile Page: http://www.imdb.me/kevinmathews

About the Company


  • Our Business has been established for 43 years.

  • We are pleased to offer Film and TV Productions a fully comprehensive service in all aspects of Wire Effects and Flying Wires: From design through to rigging procedures and floor supervision on set.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and communicate your ideas, to clients and agencies worldwide.

  • Wire FX is a constantly evolving process. There is a greater need to find ways of producing the type of effects that are necessary to captivate our audiences.

  • Our company strives to satisfy an ever hungry market with the ability to create innovative and unusual ideas.



  • We supply a vast variety of "Direct-Wire-Rigs" that cater for the current trend in action shots from; Chinese-style, Matrix / Martial Arts, to Ballet enhanced / Crouching Tiger - Theatrical movements.

Green Screen:

  • We constantly provide Wire-assistance, to Motion Control and Green Screen elements, that eliminates long and expensive programming times.


Model Units:

  • We work together, with Model Units, to achieve the most realistic standard of "Miniature Movement" achievable and provide especially designed equipment, that offers intricate, precise, and sensitive model shots.

Batman - Dark Knight

Rigging & Wire Hire:

  • Our Hire Section can supply a fully comprehensive range of rigging gear, ranging from; Mobile Towers, Steel Decks, Hoists, Trussing, Scaffolding, Drapes, Blue Screen, Ship Chandlery, as well as state of the art flying equipment, Descenders, Nitrogen Rams, FLying Track, Harnesses and Stunt Mattresses etc.

  • Our company undertakes all aspects of construction work, electrical and underwater rigging.

  • We have access to the premier UK Crane Supplier with exceptionally discounted rates.

Quantum of Solice


  • Health and Safety is our top priority and we adhere to strict proven rigging methods designed for maximum reliability at all times.

  • We have a 100%, blemish free, safety record, and all work carried out conforms to Health and Safety Specifications.

  • We adhere to the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) Code of Practice of Lifting Equipment.


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