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Camera and Stunt Winches

SWR High Performance Winch Systems

Introducing the latest and most advanced software program to date, specifically custom designed by Specialist Wire Rigs.


Redfining programmable winch abillity and optimising set up times, "Velocity" is totally SIL-3 compliant and licenced for all live activity and events.

3D (4 Axis), 2D and Multiple Axis

We are proud to announce Specialist Camera Systems, as the Premier UK based company, specialising and leading the market in all aspects of Aerial Motion Control.

A totally Advanced System, that has revolutionised "Cable - Flying - Camera Technology".

With a Comprehensive and indisputable Design, that offers the Entertainment Industry, a completely new approach with unsurpassable results!

"Specialist Camera Systems" has been specifically designed and developed over the last 10 years to offer a new generation, the most adaptable and cost effective method, to achieve the shots that push the boundaries of our imagination.

Due to Advanced Rigging Procedures, we are able to offer stunning images that were previously unobtainable.

These procedures have been formulated over 30 years, and offer proven methods that are totally safe and controllable.

About The System

Our Camera system is a fully Remote-Controlled Cable Design, that provides Tracking, along various axis, which provides a unique and spectacular range of perspectives!

An Aerial Suspension System, that is relatively quick to rig, comprising of a free-running Skate that transports the camera mount, Hot Head and a suitable "Three Axis Stabilising Head" such as the Libra V, Scorpio and Flight Head.

Capable of housing most 35mm Cameras, the most frequently used to date would be the ARR1 435, preferrered to keep the weight down on the rig.

All images are transmitted to the Operator with a Wireless Connection.

Central Computer Software feeds the high spec Winch Drums which are driven by Servo Motors.

A Single Pulse which links from the Motion control, directly into the Hot Head Mount, stabilising three Axis Heads and into the Shutter Speed, which effectively permits a totally recordable and repeatable, hands-free operation, at the push of a button, identical and Guaranteed!

Our Skates cater for HD Stabilised Mounts with integrated cameras and lenses. On Board Batteries are transported on a Wireless Remote System for easier access to difficult areas on location. Camera Position and Velocity may be altered during the shot and programmed moves may be overridden, if required.... It is totally flexible!

The entire system offers a noiseless environment and is suitable for dialogue requirements.

Technical Data

A hybrid software motivated system which self monitors and adjusts itself automatically.

Cables are produced from Hybrid, Carbon Fibre Kevlar, of the highest tensile strentgh, with a high melting point up to 450 degrees Centigrade.

Support cables offer a non-reflective material with discrete and small diameters.

Drives are specifically designed with Low-Noise Servo Motors / Gearing etc.

We offer a maximum operating speed of 24m/s on the traverse and 14m/s on the vertical, from a Direct Rig. Higher speeds may be calculated with gearing technology.

Batteries last for up to 3.5 hours.

All Pulleys have high speed bearings, capable of 100 miles and hour, and are captivated.

All Motors are electronically linked and synchronised.

The motion can be controlled from the Front Desk, Joy Stick or Palm Pad.

The Support System offers digital Video Interface, High Definition and DV Recording.


Maximum Speed:

Direct Pull - Traverse:


With Gearing:

25m/s - 56mph (90k/h)

12m/s - 27mph (44k/h)

Double the above

Maximum Acceleration:



Maximum Lengths:


Up to 1000 Metres.

3D Flying Camera System

  • Ultra-high-speed system, capable of achieving sustained speeds up to 14m/s with loads up to 225kg.
  • Allows dramatic sweeping shots, rapidly covering large distances, and swooping high to low shots over and around obstacles, buildings etc.
  • Based on Fisher Technical's M Series Winches.
  • Their simple modular design allows multiple motor and drum configurations, including additional drum units and "endless" drums to provide.
  • Reliability is ensured with redundant braking and safety systems.
  • Winches are built into a framework that matches standard 52cm GP truss size, allowing us to be flexible with mounting and positioning.
  • Winches and Drive Racks, being modular and mounted on castors, are quick and efficient to install on location.
  • An 8-line 3D Wire System, ensuring Camera Dolly stability everywhere in the Flying Envelope.
  • High ceiling height and a wide flying area can be achieved using Diverter Pulleys mounted on Mobile Cranes.
  • Used in conjunction with Velocity Software allows highly precise timed shots. Perfect for use alongside pyrotechnics and other timing-critical special effects.

Camera Head Controller

  • Allows Velocity software to program, record, adjust and speed-scale gyrostabilised camera heads.
Navigator Network
Navigator Network


  • The system can run anything from a single simple winch up to an enormous multi-object interrelated 3D flight system, and anything inbetween.
  • Totally customizable scree, allowing configuration to suit the application.
  • Ability to import complex 3DS models, and Maya Flight Paths for the flight path and camera movement.
  • Reset times in seconds, with repetition to millimetre precision.
  • A safe pre-render function allowing you to run complex cues before running them in real life, enabling collision detection in advance.

Velocity network

provides the tools and flexibility to write complex cues. The system boasts true computer network that is not dependant on any centralised piece of equipment, hardware or software.

The speed of the network allows for real time monitoring, failure detection and a simplified multi layered safety system.

By virtue of the integrated nodes sharing a redundant, load sharing, real-time network, all damaged data is immediately rerouted. This ensures any problems are instantly alerted to the operators, allowing them the opportunity to implement real time solutions, rather than post-analytical explanations!
The nodes are in constant communication with each other, reporting their current status (position, movement, direction, velocity, health and history of the node).

Therefore, all winches literally talk to each other and will notify each other of any problems. They have then been programmed to simultaneously react to the failure, ensuring accuracy & safety at all times.
On request full technical data will be supplied, but in brief these two systems offer 2D and 3D Multiple-Axis, affordable flying systems.


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Velocity and 3D Crane System, in Siena for Quantum of Solace.
2 / 13
3D Motion control system, in Carrara, for Quantum of Solace.
3 / 13
Camera Mount with Libra Head and Arriflex 435 Extreme, for Golden Compass.
4 / 13
Die Hard 5: Ballroom Sequence
5 / 13
Dolly in the studio.
6 / 13
7 / 13
Libra Head 3 axis Stabilising Giro Motion Control Rig.
8 / 13
Network Velocity computer system.
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10 / 13
Winch on location
11 / 13
3D Winch on location at the Garrick Theatre.
12 / 13
3D Winch on location at the Garrick Theatre.
13 / 13
3D Winch on location at the Garrick Theatre.

High Speed - Stunt and Action Winches

These include state of the art hybrid design high speed stunt winches with phenomenal acceleration up to 25m/s/s, pulling over 2 G force!

These winches will permit uniquely designed action moves that will take the breath away!

Completely SIL-3 compliant to cpermit man riding with the interaction over live audience performance.

A bespoke design that can be adapted for any venue or requirement.

Totally versatile for high speed vehicle chases and collision environments.

Supplying safety and action coordinated moves at super high speeds.


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