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Stunt Flying

The following cartoons give you an idea of the many varied stunts that we can provide to enhance your project.

Parachute Rig
Parachute Rigs
G Force Ascending Rig
Ascending G Force Rigs
Death Slide
Death Slide Rigs
Zero Gravity Rig
Zero Gravity Flying Rigs
Tarzan Swing Rig
Tarzan Swing Rigs
Pendulum Swing Rig
Pendulum Swing Rigs
Climbing Rig
Wire Assisted Climbing Rigs
Descending Rig
Descender Rigs
Karate Rig
Martial Arts Rigs
Hanging Rig
Hanging Rigs
Trapeze Rig
Trapeze Safety Rigs
Vertical Drop Rig
Vertical Drop Rigs
Jerk Back Rig
Jerk Back Rigs
Flying rig
Super Flying Rigs
Snatch Back Rig
Snatch Back Rigs
Balloon Rig
Balloon Rigs


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